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Strategic Human Resource Management

12 Dec 2016

The Aalto EMBA 2015 participants took their 7th core module under the title of “Strategic Human Resource Management” on October 25-27, 2016 at IBS premises. This module was taught by Dr. Ingmar Björkman. Ingmar Björkman is Professor and Dean of Aalto University School of Business in Finland. His research interests focus on international HRMand knowledge creation and transfer in multinational corporations.

Human Resource Management (HRM) module was intended to address how corporations can and do manage human resources as a source of competitive advantage.By the end of this course participants gained a deep understanding of the intersection between HRM, competitive strategy, and the management of multinational firms, and recognised the importance of people management more generally. They were able to identify some of the key challenges that firms (and managers) face and the kinds of solutions they are using across a range of people management issues, including: the transfer of HRM practices, talent management, performance management and managing knowledge and change.

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