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Operation Management

31 Jan 2017

The Aalto EMBA 2015 participants took their 9th core module under the title of “Operation Management” on January 10-12, 2017 at IBS premises. This module was taught by Prof. Marja Blomqvist.This was Prof. Blomqvistsecond visit to Iran. Marja Blomqvist has a unique combination of academic and practical industrial experience on the field of operations management. She has worked in research and applied research with companies in the field of operations and supply chain management. She has also worked as supply chain development manager in the consumer electronics industry. Her main research interest is factory roles in operations networks.

Operations management is basically about delivering goods and services to the customer. On one hand, we want to provide value to our customer with superior products and services, delivering them timely and corresponding to different customer needs and demands. On the other hand, we want to operate as cost-efficiently as possible. With this combination – providing customer value efficiently – operations can support our long term business goals. The objective is that the participants understand the role operations play in the success of the company, and enhance their ability either in managing operations, improving operations or co-operating with operations from another function

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