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15 Mar 2017

The Aalto EMBA 2015 participants took their 10th core module under the title of “Communication Management” on February 21-23, 2017 at IBS premises. This module was taught by Dr. Iain Muir. Iain is a behavioural and sports psychologist by profession. However much of his work has been in blue chip companies on a global basis, helping executive teams to manage more effectively. Iain has also worked with many academic organisations and has many hundreds, if not thousands of hours of teaching experience.

This module addressed many of the current issues in the field of management communication, it is not about writing emails, but a much deeper analysis of message production, editing and understanding in a very wide sense. Certainly, we shall consider the various mediums, but we also need to look at the psychological side, the human side from differing personality perspectives and the part that culture plays. The module was very interactive and total participation were expected. By the end of the module, there was a much greater understanding of the role, and vital importance of communication and style of communication in management is appreciated.

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